Posted on: March 26, 2009 4:06 pm

Why are the Administrators so dumb?

 I wrote a post recently, in response to an absolutely idiotic article by a man named Doyel.  Now, not only was this article complete verbal diharreha, but everything this particular writer has produced has been on the exact same level...his writing in horrible and he has no business as a sports writer.  Not to mention he was writing an article about how Gonzaga will beath UNC, yet could not even name the head coach of North Carolins (Roy Williams), so instead of looking it up, like a real journalist would do...he just said "I like the coach at UNC".  I am not necessarily a UNC fan...but I will go one step further than you Doyel...I to like the Coach at UNC...but not just one of the coaches...I actually like them all.  Which of the numerous coaches that I like were you referring to? 

Nonetheless, after writing a post asking CBS not to let this embarassment to their website contribute anymore, instead of doing the right thing and going ahead and relieving him of his duties...they simply removed my post.



Posted on: February 17, 2009 12:46 pm
Edited on: February 17, 2009 12:47 pm

Polloholics! The unhealthy addiction to Polls

    Although none of you know me personally (God, I hope not), I am a very level headed person.  In fact, there are only two things that send me into irrate tailspins.  The first being people who chew with their mouth open, and talk with food in their mouth (seriously, it sends me into rage blackouts).  The second thing is college basketball polls.  Each monday, at about 2:00, I stray from my normal daily work to check out this weeks Coaches and AP Rankings.  And each week without fail, I am sidelined from my day job for about 60 minutes trying to calm down after seeing a completely butchered measurement of the top teams in basketball.  I wonder how a team like Syracuse can be punished for losing to Uconn, and then beating Georgetown later in the week.  I wonder how LSU and Memphis can continue to be rewarded for beating teams who are, very very weak.  I become more enraged as I see a team like Utah State in the top 25 at all.  Then I see a massive unwarranted jump by Missouri to #10.  My face becomes more red when I notice UCLA is STILL in the top 20 after having a body of work that West Virginia, Texas A&M, Florida State, Utah or countless other teams would not even envy...yet UCLA is ranked ahead of these teams.  In fact, Those other teams are not ranked at all.  By this time I am visibly furious when I focus on Memphis ranked at #6 in the coaches and #5 in the AP Poll.  I have to close my office door at this point COS' I'm ABOUT TO BLOW A GASKET YALL!  Memphis's three losses came to Xavier, Georgetown, and Syracuse (at home).  Their best wins..2 against Tennessee and one at Gonzaga?  Since when in 2008-2009 basketball season are those great wins?  Yet, we punish Georgetown and Syracuse for getting beat up in the Big East, and reward Memphis for getting a HUGE? win against their toughest competition in Conference USA....UAB? or Houston? or Tulsa? or SMU? (who is in last in the conference but I really see no difference).  By this time it is about 2:30pm on monday and I will not be able to get back to work until 3:00 at the earliest while pondering the question...WHY CAN'T VOTERS USE COMMON SENSE?  WHEN DO WE GET A COMMON SENSE POLL?? (I typed in all caps for you Kanye West..can we be friends now?)  Each monday at 3:00 I determine the polls are complete crap, mean nothing, and I am not going to worry about them anymore.  But without fail at 2:00 on the next monday, I once again reserve an hour of my time to raise my heart rate, blood pressure and stress level to read through the polls-once again concluding they are crap, and swearing them off.  Hell, I think I would have an easier time swearing off Scotch and Cigars (wait, no...that is ludicrous...I appologize now for telling such an offensive lie.) 

   Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Dylan Matthews and I am a POLLOHOLIC!  I invite the rest of my polloholics to come forward now.

Posted on: February 17, 2009 12:02 pm

First Blog, and Welcome!


   Chances are, absolutely not a single person will read my blog.  I don't exactly know how this works, but I will guess no one will have a clue this blog even exists.  That said, I will continue to work on my blogging skills until this is the single most important thing each and everyone in the world reads each day!  I will comment on all sports (probably not too much NBA because I think it is a major STD on our society, or the smaller sports like soccer..b/c no one in America really cares about it...well, except the world cup, I will blog on that) some politics, and whatever the hell else I feel like.  I will be humerous at times, controversial at times, but completely honest at all times...and I hope you enjoy the experience.  Welcome to STEAL THIS BLOG!

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